My philosophy is that all dancers need a foundation in correct dance terminology and proper technique, body placement, and alignment. To achieve this, I offer small classes, group correction, personal correction, a positive atmosphere, and a fun environment. Before walking into a ballet class with the Moscow City Ballet, my teacher once told me, “If they correct you, that’s a good sign. They care.” That has stuck with me through my dance training and teaching. If I see room for correction, my goal is to catch it and make that correction feel natural and easy.  

In my 12 years of teaching, I have instilled my love and passion for dance into my students. I currently have former students teaching dance at various places throughout the state. You can find them anywhere from staff dance teacher at Central Holmes Christian School, Assistant Professor at Belhaven University, teaching classes in private North Mississippi studios, as well as those that have opened their own successful dance studios. Nothing could make me more proud!  

I pride myself on running a classical and conservative studio. I use modest and conservative costumes and dancewear.  I use tasteful and conservative music. We do not allow vulgar or provocative movements. We keep it classy and tasteful.

I believe dance offers students life long skills such as, self confidence, poise, determination, discipline, dedication, goal setting, passion, and my favorite, a mind and body awareness. I hope that my students’ experiences in my classes will boost their self-confidence, allow their personalities to blossom, and develop their self-esteem and respect for others. Overall, I want my students to become more well-rounded people as a result of their time spent in my class. Most important, we “Praise His Name Through Dance”. (Psalm 149:3)