The scoop on pricing...


Tuition/Fees – Nine months of tuition is due on the first of each month.  September tuition is due by the first lesson.    A returned check fee/insufficient bank draft fee is $30.   Choices for payment plans are monthly automatic draft, semester by check or draft or annual by check or draft.  Checking accounts will be debited on the first of each month for tuition/recital/costume fees due that month for those who choose monthly draft.  If you choose semester by check your 9 months of tuition, costume and recital fees will be split into two payments due on September 9 and January 2.  If you choose the yearly plan your 9 months of tuition, costume and recitals fees are due on September 9.  Please do not choose to pay by semester or for the entire year if you think there is a possibility that you may drop within the semester as we do not refund tuition.

Registration Fees & Tuition:

Registration Fee- $30

Combo Classes- $60 per month (1 hour per week)

A La Cart Classes for older students:

30 minutes- $30

60 minutes- $60

Pointe- $70

Adults- $50

*Tuition is based on the number of classes per season, not the number of classes per month.


Recital Costumes- $65

If your child takes ballet and tap, no matter their age, they will perform both in the recital. They will have two costumes.  

Example- 3 year old combo ballet/tap class will have 2 costumes totaling $130.

A deposit of $65 is due November 1st and balances are due January 1.  

Recital Fee- $65 for the first student and $35 for each additional student  

This is due March 1st.  This recital fee helps to assist in the tremendous financial undertaking that CMD assumes when undertaking a production of this magnitude.

*This includes 2 free tickets

Christmas Parade:

We will participate in the Brandon Christmas Parade. Participation is optional. If you participate, you will be required to purchase a sweatshirt or shirt.

Other optional Purchases:

Studio Logo Attire

Studio Car Decals 

Withdrawal and Refunds – Refunds will not be given for tuition, registration fees, costume payments, or recital fees.  Students are only allowed to drop a class at the end of a trimester.  If a student, for any reason, has to withdraw from the school after class has begun, the parent must submit a written letter by mail or by calling Reagan at 601-951-6618.  Non-attendance is not considered withdrawal from a class.  If a student decides to drop in the middle of a trimester they will be required to pay through the end of the trimester due to that student taking up a spot in the class that another student could have occupied the entire year.  

1st Semester:  September 9-November 30

2nd Trimester:  December 1-February 28

3rd Trimester:  March 1-May 31

Required Dancewear:

Ballet- Pink Capezio or studio brand (child: $28.30, adult $29) )

Tap- Black tie Capezio tap shoes or studio brand (child: $28, adult $30)

Jazz- Black jazz shoes (child $39.50, adult $40.50)

Footed Tights- classical pink (child $7.80, $9.80)

Convertible Tights- (child $9.90, adult $11.90)

2 year olds- CMD Seamless short sleeve scoop neck leotard in light blue ($20.00.)

3-6 year olds- CMD Seamless short sleeve scoop neck leotard in light pink ($20.00)

7-18 year olds- CMD approved black leotard ($20.00-$35)

All dancers taking ballet will need pink tights for class. If you are only taking jazz, you will need nude tights. You may purchase at CMD or at a location of your choice.